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Negative Carbon is a Real Positive for Designers says James Jones

The UK government acknowledges that the construction industry

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Our third key sustainability element is to have our JJI-Joist carbon accounting model assured by Ecometrica, the UK leading Greenhouse Gas specialists, on an annual basis. Not only does this enable us to measure, compare and reduce our key “trigger” impacts at each stage of the production process but our overall carbon negative footprint  can be applied to individual house design and supply contract volumes.

Our LCA measurements enable our environmental performance profile to be measured and improved upon by assessing all environmental impacts associated with the sourcing, transport and manufacture of our product i.e. from the forest to the end user.

JJI-Joists can help to mitigate climate change as timber acts as a carbon sink. Carbon dioxide (CO²) is absorbed by trees and used to create wood. This CO² is only released back into the environment when the joists come to the end of their lifetime. As only sustainable timber is used for the production of JJI-Joists, other trees are planted to replace harvested ones immediately, closing the CO² cycle and contributing to keep a constant or even increasing volume of CO² locked away from the atmosphere where it cannot contribute to climate change. Increasingly supply chain partnerships are being developed with key clients to enable our quantified carbon negative supply to support and contribute to downstream Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitments.

Improved supply logistics, new resin formulations and improved biomass heating efficiencies are recent examples of targeted and quantifiable improvements within the life-cycle performance of our JJI-Joists.

Our carbon accounting compliments the generic schemes used to quantify environmental impacts of products such as BRE environmental profiles. Scores for this scheme are used in the assessment process of 'The Code for Sustainable Homes' in England and Wales and 'Ecohomes' in Scotland. Timber I-joists such as JJI-Joists achieve the best scores in this scheme (A+) and therefore can help specifiers to achieve their  “Zero Carbon” construction goals.

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